Dimple Corresponding Theory: A New Way of Treating Thyroid Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Ding Zhiguo


Date of publication:2021.05.01

To meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, this book reviews the development of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine in the treatment of thyroid diseases, and focuses on the clinical difficulties to be solved. It proposes for the first time the concept of window phase based on the “dimple corresponding” theory and establishes corresponding treatment guidelines according to different stages of disease development, and systematically elaborates new ideas of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for common thyroid diseases.

Value Internet: Economic Revolution Beyond Blockchain

Author: Cai Jian


Date of publication:2021.05.01

The global economic system has been profoundly changed after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new value Internet industry has emerged. This book illustrates the scientific laws and principles of the formation of the value Internet, revealing the huge crisis facing the global economy and the deep-seated causes for the strong impact of the Internet and blockchain on the financial sector. From rich practices, the author analyzes how network intelligent technology and the universal adoption of digital currency transform the digital economy industry, and designs methods and ideas for future industrial innovation and economic system reconstruction, so as to create an effective path of achieving reform in fields such as science and technology, medical care and education with the v...

Walking in the Hutongs in All Kinds of Weathers: A Journalist’s Journey in Beijing’s Hutongs

Author: Hou Donghe


Date of publication:2021.05.01

This is a “biography” of thousands of hutongs in Beijing, some detailed, some not. Why not open Walking in the Hutongs in All kinds of Weathers, a book that is full of knowledge, stories and fun? The author took a trip throughout the old city of Beijing, from the well-known Brick Pagota Hutong and Nanluoguxiang Hutong to the various smaller one that are barely known, renamed or dying. He tells their stories, whether ordinary or exceptional, in detail. The book is written in plain and vivid language so it sounds friendly and warm, and readers will feel that they are listening to the author as he walks and chats.

5G Wireless Network Optimization Practice

Author: Zhang Shouguo, Shen Baohua, Li Shuhai, Lei Zhichun, Ling Wenjie, etc.


Date of publication:2021.05.01

This book provides a systematic introduction to the knowledge involved in the daily maintenance and optimization of 5G wireless networks, with a focus on the NR (New Radio) and signaling processes, as well as message content resolution. The book covers 5G theoretical foundation, network architecture, protocol stacks, NR channels, signaling process, etc. By reading this book, readers can quickly master the essential knowledge of 5G networks and have a thorough and clear understanding of 5G networks. The authors have written this book based on their own years of learning experience in mobile network optimization, centering around the needs of the optimization and maintenance personnel of the carriers. This book can be used as both a work guide for 5G optimization and maintenance personnel a...

Distributed Machine Learning – The Alternative Multiplier Method in Machine Learning

Author: Lei Dajiang


Date of publication:2021.05.01

This book explores the application of alternative multiplier method in image processing, and selects two areas, that is motion blurred image restoration and fusion of remote sensed images for detailed study. The book conducts simulation experiment through MATLAB, effectively solves complex convex optimization problem by alternative multiplier method, investigates the robust algorithms of masked facial recognition and the relationship between intra-class and inter-class variances of facial images and robust algorithms. The book also explores efficient distributed optimization methods. The distributed computing framework CoCoA is applied to various problems in machine learning and signal processing.

Blockchain + Intelligent Manufacturing: Techniques and Applications

Author: Yuan Yong, Wang Feiyue


Date of publication:2021.05.01

This book mainly introduces the basic principles of blockchain technology, the advantages and characteristics of the application of blockchain technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the joint points of blockchain and various stages of manufacturing process, and several new technologies and new business modes derived from the combination of blockchain and intelligent manufacturing. The book attaches great importance to application practice and case studies, promoting the integration of technology and application.
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