Human-machine Integration – Transcending Artificial Intelligence

Author: Liu Wei


Date of publication:2021.04.01

With the rapid development of technology in recent decades, human-machine interaction technologies are becoming increasingly important. This book aims to establish a system of human-machine interaction design and evaluation ideas based on the interaction of information flow (including input, processing, and output processes). The main contents include: sensory qualities, situated cognition, control characteristics and behavior information analysis of human, as well as the design and evaluation methods and thematic studies.

Watching and Pondering: Selected Collection of the Transcript of the Forum of Humanitas Tsinghua

Author: Zhang Xiaoqin, Jiang Shuyuan


Date of publication:2021.04.01

This book includes one lesson from each of 26 contemporary scholars from Tsinghua University, which focuses on their classic theories, unique thinking and major discoveries. All the contents have been prepared with great care, which represent the highest level of contemporary humanities and social sciences at Tsinghua University, and are the continuation of Tsinghua University’s traditional thinking of a shared fate with the country and the nation that has been abided by for over a century. The contents of the 26 lectures are all from the “Humanitas Tsinghua” forum, which was launched in early 2016 as a large academic event in Tsinghua University dedicated to building a public sphere for the continuous voice of humanistic thoughts so as to promote the daily improvement of humanistic c...

Magnificent Colors: Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Colors & Illustrations for Modern Matching Scheme

Author: Chen Yufeng


Date of publication:2021.04.01

The culture of traditional Chinese colors is an epitome of politics, economy, social life, folk customs, literature and art, as well as ideology and aesthetic tastes over the ages. It has rich content and a broad range of applications. Colors can be seen everywhere in traditional culture and arts such as costumes, architecture, paintings, porcelains and crafts. The editor traces the roots of traditional Chinese colors in the classics of philosophy and literature, and appreciates the beauty of traditional Chinese colors in art masterpieces handed down from generation to generation, integrates the aesthetic wisdom of the ancients into modern fashion, so as to keep alive the beauty of the artistic conception of traditional Chinese colors.

Intelligent Manufacturing: Frontiers and Implementation

Author: Zheng Li, Mo Li


Date of publication:2021.03.01

Intelligent manufacturing is the latest form of the development of advanced manufacturing and a powerful tool for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. This book is divided into three major parts: first, it talks about the history of intelligent manufacturing, systematically sorting out the theoretical development, and introducing the future theoretical trends and the latest application results; then, it provides an analysis on the frontier technologies of intelligent manufacturing, including intelligent products/equipment, big data and manufacturing intelligence, model-driven systems engineering, digital technology and manufacturing execution system; finally, with the automotive industry and defense industry as example, the design and implementation of the intelligent manufactu...

Vehicular Networking Technology

Author: Sun Limin, Yang Weidong, Hu Miao, Chen Yingwen, He Yunhua


Date of publication:2021.03.01

As the key direction of the development of automobile industry and Internet industry, vehicular networking technology has a broad market prospect. This book includes the development history, current situation, application prospect, key technologies, standards and existing products of vehicular networking technology, covering national industrial layout, introduction of market mainstream products and professional academic knowledge, which is suitable for different levels of readers in this field.

MIMO Radar and 5G MIMO Communication Based on Complete Complementary Sequence

Author: Li Shufeng


Date of publication:2021.03.01

This book is suitable for graduate students engaged in MIMO radar and 5G mobile communication, engineers in mobile communication, and professionals who want to understand the situation related to the combination of complementary coding and MIMO. MIMO technology is widely applied in the fields of radar and communication, and this book studies its application in radar, communication and 5G mobile communication from the perspective of complementary sequence. The book is mainly divided in two parts, the first part being the study of complementary sequences and MIMO radar, including the basic principles of MIMO radar, and the design of orthogonal MIMO radar signal based on complete complementary coding; and the second part is the study of complementary sequences in MIMO communication ...
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